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  • Is Gorcott Hall an exclusive use venue?
    Yes. Your exclusive use at Gorcott Hall begins at 10:00AM on the day itself. That means the only people you'll see all day are your guests, your suppliers and of course, the fabulous Team Gorcott. Make yourselves at home!
  • Is Gorcott Hall pet friendly?
    Oh yes! If you've got a little fur baby who you just can't bear to leave out on your big day, we'll do our utmost to help out. All we ask is that your pet is well looked after for the entire time they're here, and that they respect they don't enter the accommodation or food service areas. If you want your little bundle of canine loveliness to act as a ring bearer, or even as the best man (!), we'll help make it happen. Our resident black Labrador, Ted, is super friendly towards other animals too - you might meet him on your initial tour of Gorcott, but we keep him out of the way on your big day,
  • Who owns Gorcott Hall?
    Gorcott Hall has been owned by the same family since 2004. They oversaw the restoration, before delivering the first wedding here back in 2009. Two generations of the same family now run and deliver your special day, with an attention to detail that's the envy of venues across the country. If you want a faceless, corporate style wedding, best look elsewhere! We're VERY hands on, and we're here throughout the process to guide you through every twist and turn. Chances are we'll be joining you on the dance floor too at some point, sorry!!
  • Is Gorcott Hall wheelchair friendly?
    As a Grade II* listed property, wheelchair access is surprisingly good. Whilst there are some steps to negotiate between the main hall and the barn, they are very easy to navigate with our ramps. There are some gravelled areas, particularly the car park, but we allow wheelchair users vehicles to enter the courtyard area.
  • I hear Gorcott Hall has a banging sound system. Can I choose the tunes?
    Oh yes! We've got a fabulous networked sound system here with handpicked products from Bose, Sonos, NAD, Denon and Yamaha. You'll probably hear us before you see us! Music plays all around the Main Hall, the Barn, the Gown Suite, the Gardens and even into the Car Park as your guests arrive. If you want to really personalise your day, let us have a (public) Spotify playlist a week or so before the event. Why not create a collaborative playlist and share it with your guests? That way, everyone gets to hear a tune or two of their own during the afternoon reception, and to accompany your wedding breakfast. For the evening party, it's really important that you find a great DJ or Band to keep the party in full swing. If you need help finding someone, take a look at our Suppliers page.
  • Are there any restrictions on music for the wedding and evening reception?
    We're very lucky not to have any neighbours nearby! So, there are no sound limiters here to spoil the evening fun. We do ask bands and DJ's to perform at a comfortable volume, and the sound pressure levels are monitored during the evening party to maintain everyones comfort and safety. For a Civil Ceremony, the law states that music of a religious nature may not be played before or during the ceremony. You do not need to provide any equipment for the playing of recorded music during the ceremony. Wherever the ceremony is performed at Gorcott Hall, we will organise everything for you in terms of ceremony music.
  • Can we stay the night before?
    We're sorry, but this is generally not an option. We don't operate as a hotel but on the evening of your big day you'll be made to feel very 'at home at Gorcott' in our lovely accommodation.
  • Can you help recommend suppliers if we are planning from a distance?
    Of course! We have a trusted list of recommended suppliers, our 'Friends of Gorcott' which you can find on our site. Every single supplier on that list has worked with us extensively in the past. They know how we work, we know how they work, and, most importantly, they're reliable and at the top of their game. If you have your own suppliers in mind, we'll happily chat with them and show them round the venue if they need to.
  • Do you allow Confetti at Gorcott Hall?
    We don't, not in the main grounds, sorry. It is almost impossible to remove all traces of confetti, however biodegradable it is. We do allow bubbles and sparklers though - they make for great photos. If you really can't live without the confetti shot, we do have an allocated space in one of our beautiful fields where you and your guests can have as much confetti based fun as you like!
  • Exactly how cute is Ted, Gorcott's resident black lab?
    Ted is this cute. Follow Ted on Facebook here (posted by Ted Foxon-Wasley)
  • Do you have Car Parking?
    There is enough space for around 60 or 70 considerably parked cars here at Gorcott. Even if you have 140 evening guests, that's usually plenty of space. If you are planning a huge evening party, encourage your friends to ride share if they can. We ask that cars left overnight are collected by 10:00 the following day.
  • Can we arrange a coach/bus for our guests.
    Sadly no, not a big 52 seater anyway. Whilst we have a huge car park here, there is insufficient space for a large bus or coach to turn around, and they are not allowed to reverse on to Gorcott Hill (it's an A road). They cannot park on the road outside either. We've had lots of 26 seater minibuses here though, they had no problems at all.
  • What if it rains?
    If we've planned for an outdoor ceremony, we will always have a wet weather plan, with your ceremony taking place in wither the barn or the sitting room, depending on your guest numbers. With all the buildings being so adjacent to one another, Gorcott really is a great wet weather venue, so don't get too hung up on having a dry day!
  • Lots of your 5 star reviews mention the team. Are they really that good?
    We think so. We love them all. They're an eclectic mix who somehow just work wonderfully well together. We've got an unusual recruitment policy, but it works for us. They're outgoing, happy and, for the most part, a bit mad. But they all share our values - a wedding day is a special day. So every guest is made to feel special. The smiles are real, they're having almost as much fun as you guys. Ask about the tip jar.....
  • Who books the registrar for a Civil Ceremony?
    You do. Licensed wedding venues, like ourselves, are not allowed to organise the registrar for you. Once you've decided on your venue (let's hope it's us!) and reserved the date, you should book your registrar as soon as possible. We're under the jurisdiction of Warwickshire, and you can reach them on 0300 555 0255. They will guide you through the rest of the process.
  • How long does the Civil Ceremony take? Do I need to choose music?
    Generally, up to half an hour. This can be shorter depending on whether you decide to have readings. Bear in mind that the Civil Ceremony is completely secular - so no religious readings, prayers or hymns! Have some fun with the music though - you need to choose around 5 songs in total. At least one for the bridal walk (two if you want the bridesmaids to have a different tune). Two or three (8 to 10 minutes) for the register signing, and a banging tune for the exit!
  • Do I need witnesses?
    Yes, two. It's best to nominate these in advance to help with organisation on the day.
  • Will everybody be able to hear what's going on?
    For an outdoor ceremony, the key players are all very discreetly miked up, with tiny little Röde microphones picking up every whisper (watch the language please!) The exception this is the bride(s) - we don't want anything to spoil that amazing dress, even a tiny little mic. But we'll make other arrangements here so that every guest hears every word of those all important vows.
  • What's the earliest time we can get married at Gorcott?
    The earliest time we can accommodate a Civil Ceremony or celebrant led ceremony at Gorcott is 13:00.
  • Can I choose my own suppliers?
    Of course. It's your day, do it your way! We have a great list of trusted suppliers here on the site, but you're free to choose whoever you think is the best fit. All we suggest is that you choose professionals with a proven track record - a mate with a two grand camera isn't necessarily a photographer, they're just a mate with a nice camera! Mark has a piano, doesn't make him a concert pianist!
  • Do you feed the suppliers?
    Most suppliers who are here for the entire day will stipulate in their contract that they require a meal. Just let us know and we'll deal with it - we provide a heavily subsidised full wedding breakfast, and we feed your suppliers in the intimacy of the kitchen in the main hall. They love it!
  • Do I need a Band or DJ for the evening party?
    Yes. Whilst we're very proud of our sound system here at Gorcott, it was carefully designed to provide great background music throughout the venue. It's not suitable for a lively evening party. And, as much as we all like to think we're a DJ (because we have Spotify on our phone), it's a job left to the professionals who can really 'read the room'.
  • What time can I get into the Gown Suite?
    As a general rule, it's 9:00AM. One of our team will be on hand to greet you, show you how everything works, and make sure you've got everything you need. We don't fuss over you though, this is YOUR time! If you did want to arrive earlier, please make sure you request this at your final planning meeting, at the latest. It isn't always possible to guarantee an earlier start, but we'll always do our best.
  • How many guests can stay overnight?
    We have five boutique style double bedrooms for overnight guests, They are situated just a stones throw from the wedding barn, and overlook the ancient courtyard. There is a duplex Honeymoon Suite for the lovely couple, and four more doubles for your lucky guests. So, a total of ten overnight guests is usual. We do have a few 'Z Beds' for younger guests wishing to share a room with their parents - we do need to know in advance if these are required. The couple are responsible for allocating the rooms to guests - we do not take bookings for accommodation directly from guests.
  • Do we need an MC (Master of Ceremonies)?
    No. Not unless you want to. Our fantastic team are great at getting everyone where they should be at the right time! We will even whip your guests up into a frenzy before we call you in for your wedding breakfast, accompanied by a banging tune of your choice. One of our team will also happily introduce the speeches for you, if required. We don't charge for the use of our fabulous sound systems here - so radio mics are available for the speechmakers.
  • Is the bar expensive?
    No. We don't think so, and we get great feedback from our guests who are often surprised at our prices. We have a fabulously stocked bar, with premium quality draught beers, and an unrivalled selection of fabulous high end and house spirits.
  • Can we supply our own drink?
    We don't offer corkage here at Gorcott Hall. However, we strive to provide an unrivalled service when it comes to choosing the drink for the day. If there's a particular wine you'd like us to offer, chances are we can source it. We use a few local suppliers who really know their stuff, and rest assured, Team Gorcott will ALWAYS quality control all wines to ensure they're of the highest quality. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Also, if you have a specific spirit or bottled beer you'd like us to offer on the day, let us know - we'll be more than happy to add your personal touch to the bar if we can!
  • Tell me more about the tasting event
    A few months before your big day, chef will get in touch, and between us we'll design at least a couple of menus for you - think about foods you love, restaurants you enjoy, maybe cuisine from somewhere in the world you've visited that you loved - chef will do their utmost to bring it all together for you. We then invite you over for a relaxed tasting event, where you get to try your personal menus (note these are full meals, so no need to stop at Gregg's on the way!), along with some of our wine offerings. This is an unhurried and relaxed part of your build up - treat it as a date! After the session, we'll have a chat about what you thought - and we can design your final menus together. Of course, any guests you have with specific dietary requirements will be catered for!
  • I have guests with dietary requirements, can you cater for them?
    Of course! It's important that we know about them as early as possible though. Chef will tailor your menus for guests with dietary requirements. This extends to our canapés, evening food and breakfast the following morning, as well as the main wedding breakfast itself.
  • What are the catering arrangements?
    We organise all catering for you. Our appointed team will work tirelessly with you to provide a perfectly bespoke menu for the entire day - from your canapés, through wedding breakfast and onto the evening food. As such, there is no need for you to source any outside catering. All food is prepared and served from our own state of the art kitchens, which had a huge overhaul in 2024. We have a five star hygiene rating, awarded in March 2024.
  • We intend to start married life with a hangover. Talk to us about breakfast the following day.
    Whether a sizzling Full English is your thing, or you'd prefer to go all continental, we've got your backs. There'll be coffee by the bucketload, and fresh juices to help knock back a couple of Ibuprofen too. All served up in the airy and quite lovely Orangery. The perfect send off!
  • I'd like to do something different for my welcome drinks. Help!?
    Leave it with us. If Prosecco doesn't float your boat, how about a Singapore Sling? Ot Mojitos? Or Pimm's? Or a craft beer brewed where you were born? We'd love to help you make it personal.
  • Does your bar have draught beer?
    Oh yes. Our cellar had a no-expense-spared refit in 2021. For 2023, our range includes Inch's Cider, Beavertown Neckoil, Birra Moretti and Amstel. All delivered via a state of the art system provided by Heineken. Our bottled range includes Old Mout flavoured cider, Sol, Bulmers, Heineken Zero, Sharp's Doombar, and pints of Guinness delivered by the fabulous surger system.
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