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How to plan your big day in just six months

Planning your wedding in six months might seem like a sprint, but at Gorcott Hall, we say it's more of a fun run - totally doable with a bit of pep in your step! Here's the condensed playbook to a Gorcott Hall wedding:

6 Months Out: Kick-off with your budget – it’s going to be your best friend through this. Then, get your guest list down because who you’re celebrating with is key. Now, the venue and décor – that's where we shine. We've got a look for every love story, from rustic vibes to vintage flair, and we've teamed up with décor dynamos like @Maggypie to make your vision a reality.

5 Months to Go: Time to play dress-up and lock down those snaps! Find that jaw-dropping dress and fab suit and book a photographer to capture your love story. Psst… We’re chums with some amazing photographers like @amyrosedeffley, @VictoriaBeddoes or @gracedovephotography to name a few. And videography? @LauraGarwood is a great go-to! Plus, we’ve got the feast covered, so that’s one less worry on your plate.

4-Month Countdown: Get ready to cake-taste your way to glory! Find those must-have accessories and grab some goodies for your wedding squad. Our friends @ItsSimplyCake and @CakeCreationsRedditch can whip up a creation that surpasses your sweetest dreams.

3 Months Left: It’s crunch time! Book those beats with a DJ or band that’ll keep your dance floor packed, and find a florist to sprinkle petal magic all over your day. Hair and makeup artists are a must – you’re the star, after all. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got the inside scoop on the best.

The 2-Month Marker: Get those invites out and test-drive your glamorous look (because you need to know if you’re more of a 'vintage wave' or a 'sleek updo' kinda bride, right?). Suit and dress alterations should be nearly spot on by now!

1 Month Countdown: This is it – the home stretch! Chase up those MIA RSVPs, finalise your headcount (hey, we need to know how many mouths we’re feeding!), sort out your seating plan, and make sure your outfit is tailored to perfection. And those vows? Get ready to woo your better half all over again with words that’ll have even the toughest Uncle Bob reaching for the tissues.

And there you have it – a 6-month wedding plan that’s more thrilling than stressful! Remember, at Gorcott Hall, we're like your wedding planning sidekicks. So let’s make your ‘I do’ dream come true!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you, The Gorcott Hall Team 🥂💍✨

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Lucy Williams
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