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Live Music

We're a bit fussy about live music here, One of us fancied themselves as a bit of a musician way back when.

So when a jaw droPpingly brilliant live band turn up, we take notice. These guys are amazing, Ultra professional, playing all the wedding classics in a stripped down acoustic style; reading the room and having as much fun as you lot? What's not to like. Don't hesitate! Here's what they say...

Well known for their musical ability and crowd-pleasing performances, The Ashmore Brothers have now established a firm reputation for being one of the UK’s premium wedding bands.

The Ashmore Brothers Band pride themselves on their live sound and guarantee to beat even the highest of expectations. Having such a varied list of songs and incorporating timeless and current classics makes their performances very unique. 

For evening bookings, a complimentary DJ package is provided, which includes music pre, between and after the live sets meaning you won’t have to hire anyone else for your evening entertainment. The Ashmore Brothers Band are a fully self contained band with a high-quality sound and lighting setup. 

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