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Why Gorcott Hall?

When we were setting out on the wedding planning journey, we knew we wanted something quite unique in the West Midlands, local to where we live. We looked at a couple of venues that we saw as being quite ‘different’ but they didn’t have the heart that was important to us. When we spoke to Mark and Allie, we knew that they had it in abundance! 

First Impressions

It sounds cliche but we loved Gorcott Hall from the moment we got out of our car and walked towards the main building, with music playing across the grounds. The house felt really cosy and warm, historic but still unique and totally beautiful. 

Meeting the team

Instantly, we felt very welcomed by Mark and Allie and just felt that they got us and what we wanted from our wedding. They took the time to get to know us and really spent time showing us around the different parts of the venue. It was lovely to see the barn with some tables set up as an example of what it may look like on the big day. We also loved walking around with Ted!! 

The lead up to the big day

How was the communication with the team?

The team were really easy to communicate with, which was particularly important as we basically planned our wedding through a lockdown! We always had quick responses and felt comfortable calling whenever we had a question. 

Did you receive guidance about suppliers?

Yes! Our wedding was very much a family affair with members of our family doing our cake, flowers and decorations. Our photographer and DJ had worked at Gorcott before which was helpful, both said they really enjoyed the experience – so from our perspective everything was pretty smooth! 

Visits pre big day

When we came to visit before properly booking Gorcott as our wedding venue, Mark encouraged us to come back the following week with our parents so they could see it too – this was a really nice touch and important to us, and was a really special part of the planning process. 

Menu tasting evening 

Because we mostly planned our wedding across covid lockdowns, there were a few things that we felt we missed out on in the wedding planning process – so we were really excited for our menu tasting! It was on what ended up being one of the hottest days of the year, and the team set up a table outside for us to sit out on the patio and taste the different options, whilst listening to some lovely music over the speakers. It was so relaxing and a really special experience that we loved – and so great to have a lovely time at Gorcott in the summertime (as our wedding was a chilly day in October!) 

The Wedding

Pre wedding (Bridal suite)

We had seen the bridal suite at various stages as it was being renovated when we first visited Gorcott, so it really was a beautiful surprise when we arrived on the morning of our wedding. With 6 bridesmaids, Mum, Auntie and an army of hairdressers and make-up artists, it was the perfect space for us to get ready and just enjoy some quality time together. 


The team were so flexible on wedding ceremony venue (in or outdoors), changes to guest numbers, catering to tricky guests, dietary requirements etc. We really couldn’t fault anything!! 

The Wedding

The Food, atmosphere, party, team etc were all just AMAZING!! Quite simply we had the best day of our lives, that surpassed all of our expectations (which were already high as we were so excited) and many of our guests have told us it was the best wedding they have ever been to (we would totally agree, but of course we are biased!!). We couldn’t believe that the food was even better than it was at our tasting day – how is this possible when cooking for 90 more people?!

The atmosphere across the whole day was one of love and joy, everyone had a fantastic time and the energy went right through to the end of the night. It wouldn’t have been the same without the amazing team on the day, from the ladies looking after us in the morning whilst getting ready, to Allie helping with my dress at times throughout the day, to Mark putting a drink aside for us when we needed one in the midst of it all, to everyone joining us on the dance floor, and Mark doing karaoke with various members of my family! Such amazing memories. 

The morning after

This was when we got really emotional, I cried my eyes out when we got in the car to go home as I didn’t want to leave!! We had a lovely breakfast with our parents and siblings which was just what we needed, it was relaxing and delayed the inevitable hangover. 

What your guests said

That ours was the best wedding EVER!!! 

What makes Gorcott Hall unique?

The surroundings are beautiful and the space is amazing, but really it is the team and family feel to the venue that makes it so special. 

Would you recommend us?

In heartbeat without hesitation – absolutely yes! In fact, we’re hoping that one of our friends or family will get married at Gorcott one day just so we can experience it all again! 

Image Credit

Images courtesy of Nick Brightman Photography, if you want to check out more of his work or want to book him for your wedding you can find him at

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john smith
john smith
Jan 02

useful to know, thanks


Volpa Faro
Volpa Faro
Aug 26, 2023

As I ventured deeper into the website's archives, I unearthed a virtual treasure chest of stock photos. These high-resolution images span an incredible diversity of subjects, effectively placing a universe arrow vector of inspiration at my fingertips. With this resource in hand, my creative projects transcend mere elevation; they become living, breathing expressions of a boundless realm of visually stunning possibilities.

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