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Feeling the Pinch? Ouch. Blisters. Definitely not welcome at Gorcott Hall on your wedding day.

Shoes, glorious shoes, so many choices…from heels to boots and everything in-between! Even Crocs have made a surprising appearance recently – what next eh?

To try and help you avoid a shopping faux pas, we thought it might be useful to help you think about some of things you might need to consider before making the final purchase of the perfect pair (or two!)

Bear in mind that Gorcott Hall was built in the 16th century, (long before the invention of the modern-day spirit level) most of the floors are original and now come with the odd crack and wobble that you need to look out for and avoid. Couple this with our beautiful cobbles outside and the inevitable trek across the paddock to the lake for some fabulous photos and suddenly high stiletto heels may no longer be feeling like the best option. Remember, we can’t guarantee the British weather at any time of year, and the paddock can go mighty squidgy after an unexpected deluge of rain!

Be honest with yourself about how tall you can handle! Remember you’re likely to be strutting around in them all day, it’s important that you feel fabulous but equally as important to be comfortable (uh oh, am I sounding like my mum?!). Don’t disregard the possibility of two pairs if your budget allows. There’s nothing wrong with slipping the heels off and dancing the night away in our barn in a pair of cool trainers, but you might want to mention this when getting the alterations changed on your dress.

Whatever you choose we’re sure you’ll look fantastic! Just remember to pop them on while you’re at home doing day to day chores and wear them in a bit before the big day. And if that doesn’t work, well you can always rely on Team Gorcott to be on hand with a huge box of plasters…but that should really be the last resort!

Happy Shopping!

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